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Cahoots NI--Northern Ireland

Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries

Cahoots NI–Northern Ireland

Monday, February 11

10am & 12:30pm

Meet Danny Carmo – it’s not so long ago that he thought school and, in particular, math wasn’t for him. He was more interested in dreaming about a future on the stage – all he ever wanted to be was a famous magician. But when he knuckled down to learn all the tricks of the trade, he realized that math was not only essential…it was the secret to a whole load of magic! Prepare to be amazed, dazzled, and bewildered by this spectacular show where math, theatre, and digital technology collide to create a fun and interactive performance proving that understanding math can be fun!

60 minutes + Q & A

Grades 2-6

Curriculum Connections:  Math, Language Arts, Character Development, Arts (Theatre)

The study guides explain all of the mysteries behind the math! We want to keep the surprise in store for your students, so if you are interested in the study guide for teachers, please contact Marissa Russo at marissar@whbpac.org 

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