Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center
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Friday, February 9 @ 12:30 PM

Finding North

Drawn from historical research, Parker’s tale is woven together with verbatim interview material and oral histories from contemporary community members who tell their stories of searching for haven. A timely and provocative contribution to the national conversation about prejudice, privilege, and human rights, the play is both an exploration and celebration of the continuing quest for justice and freedom in America.

Originally written by David Gonzalez and commissioned by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park to celebrate the opening of Cincinnati's Underground Railroad Freedom Center, FINDING NORTH has been updated through the collaboration of David Gonzalez with performer/director Daniel Carlton. Carlton captivates the audience with his one-man performance of John Parker and all the other characters, while accompanied by Gonzalez playing blues guitar. The piece concludes with a dynamic audience talk-back.

Grades 5 - 9

Curriculum Connections: Fine Arts: Storytelling, Blues Music, Theater Language Arts: Oral History, Memoir  History: African American History, Underground Railroad, Contemporary American Immigrant Narratives, European History Emotional/Social Development: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Skills, Compassion, Empathy

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