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Elementary School

Once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an ogre named Shrek.  One day, Shrek finds his swamp invaded by a band of banished fairytale misfits who have been cast off by Lord Farquaad, a tiny terror with big ambitions. When Shrek sets off with a wisecracking Donkey to confront Farquaad, he’s handed a task — if he rescues feisty Princess Fiona, his swamp will be righted. It’s a “big bright beautiful world” as Shrek rescues the princess, vanquishes Farquaad and finds true acceptance but a fairytale wouldn’t be complete without a few twists and turns along the way.

Please be sure you are selecting tickets for the correct age group.  Once purchased, we are unable to transfer a ticket to the show for the other age group.

If you are purchasing multiple tickets, please complete separate, multiple transactions for ease of forwarding.

After You Purchase Your Ticket: 

The link will be sent to your email upon purchase.  If you are purchasing for someone else, you can forward that link to them.  The link will be associated with whatever device you open it with, so if you are purchasing for someone else, please do not click on it.

Half an hour before the show is scheduled to start, the link will load a waiting screen.  You will not be able to see anything at the link before this time.

Once we have gone live on our end, the waiting screen should end and our usual countdown to live performance begin.

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